The Gluten Summit Is Ending ~ Too Important To Miss!

You Can Own the Gluten Summit!


As you probably know, I’ve been watching The Gluten Summit this week (as much as I could squeeze in, anyway) just like so many of you, and been recommending it to all our patients and clients.

To say that this information is “very important” would be an enormous understatement.

The feedback from those who’ve joined in and watched has been 100% consistent……




Over 100,000 people registered! 29 researchers, clinicians, nutritionists and other (educated!) opinion leaders all gave their time to this unique event—and shared some of the most incredible things ever shared on this subject.


How does the world not know this stuff yet?


  • Dr. Alessio Fasano said, “The gut is not like Las Vegas –  what happens in the gut doesn’t stay in the gut.” And, guess what folks, GLUTEN IS NOT DIGESTIBLE by humans. It causes permeability in all of us!
  • Dr. Mark Hyman told us that he is testing EVERY SINGLE patient he sees for celiac disease and is AMAZED at how many cases he discovers who lacked visible symptoms!
  • Dr. Aristo Vojdani explained why the skin prick test only measures one portion of the immune system and how VITAL it is to measure its other responses!
  • Liz Lipski told us how DIETS CAN HEAL!
  • Melinda Dennis taught us THE EXACT WORDS to use when eating out in order to avoid contamination.



If you didn’t catch ALL of the interviews, especially if you didn’t watch ANY of the interviews–there are simply too many things I learned from The Gluten Summit to write them all here–you WILL learn at least one thing from EVERY interview…


YOU MUST OWN THIS SERIES—it could save your life.

I can’t stand hype.,,

But this really CAN save your life.

And your family’s.



The digital package of downloads/streaming/PDFs is only $67!

Or, stock your library with CDs, DVDs and the transcript book for $425, if you’re more the hands-on type.

Do the math! The digital package is $2.31 per interview… where else can you go to see the “Godfather” of Celiac Disease Diagnosis speak for TWO BUCKS?!




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(I’m told that the prices will increase once the Summit ends!)





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