The Very *Direct* Doctor

Mondays are a crazy-busy day in our practice. Crazy-good… just busy from the moment we open the door.

At one point in mid-shift yesterday, I ran upstairs to grab a file I needed… ran through one of the rehab rooms… and saw this…


playing doctor

Daughter (Doctor) is doing a “consultation” with son (patient).

It was one of those strange moments when, because I was in a hurry, I didn’t really register what I heard them saying until we were home a few hours later.

The scene just looked so cute, though, that I grabbed my phone and took a quick photo!

Couple-a-nutballs, these two are.

Their dialogue went something like this:


Doctor: So, tell me what’s going on.

Patient: (In a very whiny voice) I hurt EVERYwhere… ALL the time!!

Doctor: Tell me about your diet.

Patient: I like to eat ice cream, spaghetti, cookies… and chocolate.

Doctor: That’s the problem right there. That’s all inflammatory food. It’s all sugar. Clean up your diet. Your brain can’t work right ’til you do… and you’re gonna’ hurt until you clean it up. Got it?


The End.


When I asked them about it later, they told me they were just messing around with different scenarios, different types of doctors, different types of patients with different symptoms… and I just happened to stumble upon the scenario with the junk-food eating patient who can’t figure out why he has chronic pain!

Gotta’ love home school!


If you notice a change in my bedside manner anytime soon, perhaps I’m taking advice from my 12-year old!


Welcome to our life behind the scenes!





After 48 Hours!


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