Taking The Mask Off Sugar! {A Special Event}

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Just wanted to keep you updated on my friend JJ Virgin’s ongoing book launch extravaganza!!

JJ is pulling the mask off the ONE ingredient that’s too sweet to be true – and the multi-billion dollar industry behind it:   Sugar

On Thursday October 30th at 2pm EST, JJ is hosting a special LiveStream event with a POWER Group of experts.  (Need bribery? There will be prizes!)

CLICK HERE to register.  (Can’t make the LIVE event? Gotcha’ covered. Just register and you’ll have access to the recording. Easy!)


JJ and her experts will be showing you 3 things in particular during this event:


#1. How we’ve been looking at sugar all wrong and how that’s affecting us.

#2. How to get rid of your cravings and take control over sugar in two weeks.

#3. And answer the question “What the heck SHOULD I eat??”  (How to clean out the fridge & pantry, what to do for breakfast, and a sample shopping list!)


Who’s in the Power Group? To name a few… 

  • Dr. Tom O’Bryan, Unlocking the Mystery of Wheat & Gluten Intolerance
  • Dr. Sara Gottfried offers great info on stress busting
  • Lisa Sasevich will share her incredible success story
  • Master Kipp, a total kindred spirit who will knock your socks off with empowerment.
  • Cynthia Pasquella (“The Hungry Hottie”)
  • John Assaraf will share how to overcome the obstacles that are holding you back. 




 PS.  JJ’s also giving you her “secret weapon” to CRUSH cravings …and she has prizes to give away from Vital Choice Seafood, as well as her own gifts from her personal empire! Don’t miss this!




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