“For Women Only: Weight Loss Solution” ~ Weekend Line-Up Of Presenters

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If you haven’t already registered for the FREE “Weight Loss Solution” online summit, you can still join in!


Did you miss the original announcement that describes the event in greater detail, as well as all the topics and speakers?  CLICK HERE to check it out.

Here’s an update of the Weight Loss Solution presenters for the next few days… lots of beneficial information will be shared that I wouldn’t want you to miss!


Friday October 24th:

“The Truth About Desserts & Cheat Meals” ~ Kelley Herring

“How To Break Into Healthy Eating” ~ Diane Sanfillipo

“The Psychology of Eating” ~ Emily & Marc David


Saturday October 25th and Sunday October 26th:

“How to Eat for Health & Beauty” ~ Liz Wolfe

“How to Heal Autoimmune Diseases With Food” ~ Sarah Ballantyne (*** HIGHLY Recommended!!***)

“Low Carb Diets & Lifting Weights for Women” ~ Sarah Fragoso


Coming up next week you’ll hear cutting-edge presentations that discuss: balancing hormones, thyroid issues, fat burning tips, eating disorders, saving money while eating healthy, supplements, stress & weight loss, intermittent fasting, detox & cleansing, motherhood & weight gain… and a whole lot more!


This event is going on through November 12th… SO many great speakers and helpful topics to help you achieve your healthy body composition AND maintain it for life!


Registration is FREE!

Listen to the speakers for free… if you decide you’d like to own specific presentations for future reference, or you’d like to add the entire summit to your library, you’ll have the option to purchase what you want as the summit winds up.

For now, it’s FREE! Just click the Registration Link and follow along with the straightforward prompts so that you can listen to your presenters of choice, and see who’s coming up in the schedule.





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