Toxic Diets, Inflamed Brains & Really Dumb “Health” Advice!


Dr. Hubby and I were recently consulting with a family regarding their young teenage boy.

The boy has had major attention and learning issues for several years.  In recent years, he has also become extremely anxious and stressed when it comes to school work.

Smart as a whip, really nice kid, but refuses to perform within the parameters of conventional school.

He has an atrocious diet. We’ve made recommendations here for years… but he’s not keen (understatement) on improving his nutritional intake at all. In fact, it’s a source of anger for him – he refuses to change.

Let me just say, science now unequivocally proves that “fire in the gut equals fire in the brain.”

If the gut is inflamed (small intestines, large intestines, colon, stomach, liver, gall bladder, kidneys), the brain is inflamed.

Inflammation is caused by toxicity. Inflammation disrupts communication pathways between the brain and every cell of the body. Inflammation disrupts “normal” function on every level.

An inflamed brain does not perform well.

This kid eats the “brown-beige-white-yellow diet”: foods with no (naturally occurring) color. He lives on macaroni & cheese, other pasta, pizza, chicken tenders, tons of ice cream, donuts, nachos, hot dogs, and fried cheese sticks. The more fried, the better.

He eats only “dead” food. Won’t eat vegetables. Won’t eat much fruit at all.

Not only does he eat horribly, he eats excessively. It’s seemingly a constant input of toxicity. He orders a full appetizer before a full meal at restaurants… and he eats at restaurants often.

He’s not “fat”, so this issue probably isn’t getting the attention it might get otherwise. His doctor(s) have repeatedly said that his weight is in a normal range for his height and his age.

Who gives a rip about his weight?! The kid is a toxic wasteland!

Like so many people, there’s the mistaken impression that, if he takes in excess calories, he’s fine as long as he “burns them off”. So, if he happened to help with the snow blower that day, there’s the misconception that he’s “fine” because he’ll just burn off the excess.

You can’t burn off toxicity.

His parents have tried to clean things up over the years, but, bless their hearts, have given up the battle in large part in exchange for some family peace.

I understand that.

It’s challenging when one parent is more “on board” than the other. It messes with the family dynamic quite a bit.

At least both parents are on the same page regarding drugging him – been there, done that. Their various doctors and counselors have diagnosed him with virtually every learning and behavioral disorder under the sun… and recommended the accompanying drug that goes along with it.

They are no longer interested in this approach, as they’ve seen the very negative side of psychotropic medication.

Meanwhile, his performance and behavior continues to suffer.

He’s completely deficient in vital nutrients. He hates going to school, except for the social part. He doesn’t exercise, play sports, or exercise his body on a regular basis.

He has no energy. He stays up far too late and is, obviously, exhausted in the morning when he gets dragged out of bed. He won’t eat breakfast.

He hates his first class with a passion.

Recently, school counselors called for  (another) meeting with his parents because some of his teachers, especially the one from first period, were complaining that he was nodding off in class.

In the meeting, the counselors asked the parents to take him to their family doctor for (another) physical to “see if anything is wrong on a physical level”.

Um… let me see… what could possibly be wrong?!

So, they take him to the doctor. Doctor checks him over – everything “looks good”. Ran a basic blood panel. Nothing glaring showing up. He “can see no reason” why the boy is exhausted all the time… except on weekends and summer break.

(There’s not a medical test for TOXICITY and DEFICIENCY! You actually need some common sense for that one.)

Now, this family doc of theirs knows that he might take a right hook from the mom if he recommends yet another psychotropic med… so he’s got to pull something else out of his bag of tricks.

He didn’t disappoint.

Are you ready for this?

“Start drinking coffee every morning before school.”

Awesome. That oughta’ solve everything.

Thankfully, the parents see the ridiculousness in this advice, too.

They were simply going through the motions, trying to appease the school by going to this appointment.

They know full well that his issues are not the result of a lack of caffeine surging through his system!

Unfortunately, the kid got the message from the doc that he doesn’t really need to change anything at all about his lifestyle… he simply needs to add one more source of toxicity and that will fix things up just fine.

Oh, he’s not asking for organic, low-acid coffee from beans grown at high altitudes… with raw honey or stevia added as a sweetener.

Au contraire. Since his doctor didn’t mention anything about the high toxicity levels of conventional coffee, this kid now thinks he should be stopping by the local large-chain drive-thru for a an artificially sweetened and flavored coffee on his way to school each morning.

Nice job.

Yes it was better than recommending another drug.

But still stupid advice, nonetheless.