Transitioning to Healthier Living: Nutrition ~ Eliminating Toxins, Part One


For years, we’ve helped people in our practice transition to making healthier lifestyle choices – choices in nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, posture, and most certainly an overall outlook on how health is created… and how to get it back if you’ve lost it.

We’ve referred to this as “Innate” lifestyle, “Primal” or “Primitive” lifestyle, or even the “Human Being” lifestyle. As far as diet is concerned, “Paleo” is another term we’ve used.
We are not alone. This has become a growing trend in the world of natural health and longevity. Thankfully so.  This more primal way of living is gaining speed with evidence that it dramatically reduces dangerous risk factors for ALL chronic illness (cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, neuro-degenerative conditions, fertility issues, and on and on), as well as fully reversing many of these conditions.
Better than any stinkin’ drug I know of.
However, the transition to a truly healthy lifestyle – one that meets the innate genetic requirements of our cells, not necessarily one that the FDA recommends! – can seem daunting at first. In many parts of the country (planet!), making more primal nutritional choices can leave us feeling out of the social loop. While our friends are out there enjoying their cereal and bread and sandwiches and pasta and pizza and fast food and juice and energy drinks and a gazillion other foods that wreak havoc on our health, it can be tough to remain focused on fueling our bodies with pure and nutritionally sufficient choices.
Tough, but oh-so necessary.
Have you taken a look at the rates of chronic illness anytime recently? It’s not going away. It won’t go away ’til WE change what we’re doing. We’re not accidentally “getting” sick or “catching” diseases. We’re not even victims of heredity, when it comes to the development of chronic illness. Our lifestyle, and the Standard American Diet, are catching up with us. We’re chronically toxic – chemically, mentally and emotionally. It’s this environment that causes our cells to take the turn to dis-ease.
Fortunately, as far as our cells are concerned, we really don’t require all that much (nutritionally speaking)  to truly experience optimal function: clean sources of protein, clean sources of fats and oils, the least toxic vegetables and fruit, and lots of pure water. Sure, there’s a little more to it than that… and we’ll get there. For now, that’s the simple foundation.


For years, our first step in the transition process has always been to “Add more Health” – meaning, start adding simple, healthy choices to each of the main areas of lifestyle. We’ve encouraged people to build some momentum with their healthy choices first, then focus on reducing and eliminating toxic choices a little bit further down the road.


While I still believe this is a nice, easy strategy to start creating better cell function, I’m starting to believe that it’s becoming even MORE important to eliminate some of the major sources of toxicity first.


For example, we were working with one client who was experiencing chronic, sometimes debilitating pain. She was adding some great things to her lifestyle – better nutrition, more movement, etc. Although the pain was beginning to dissipate at times, it was still lingering. Then we found out that she was still drinking multiple diet pops each and every day! BAM! There’s your culprit! It’s hard for broccoli to do its work when you’re choking down toxic chemical garbage every couple of hours!


In addition to that, can you even imagine how much medication is interfering with our optimal expression of health?? Frightening. We see it everyday in our practice.


Sometimes, you just need some tough love. Lose the toxic vice!

So, what ARE some of the biggest culprits that we need to begin addressing… and either cleaning them up or eliminating them altogether?

In Part One, I’ll simply list the categories. In the next part, I’ll expand upon the list by adding some basic reasoning, as well as a starter list for some common culprits in the Standard American Diet to avoid.

For now, the list:

1) Toxic Beverages
2) “Bad” Fats & Oils
3) Fast Food & Junk Food (and a whole lotta’ restaurant food, in general)
4) Most Dairy
5) Grains & Legumes
6) Common Baking Ingredients
7) Processed, Fake Foods
8) Toxic Condiments, Dressings, Sauces & Dips
9) Sweets & Tasty Toxins
10) Certain Meats
11) Certain Fish & Seafood
12) Diet & Low-Fat/Fat-Free “Food”

Betcha’ if I thought long and hard enough, I could add to that list. However, some of you may have already entered the earliest stages of cardiac arrest, or have begun your hate mail campaign to me, so I’ll leave it at that!


I want you to know that “I feel you“… I’m part of this transition, too. I was definitely not raised in a “primal” or “paleo” household… and I’ve not done a good job living that way as a ‘younger’ adult. It’s all a learning process. While I have given up grains and dairy for extended periods of time, I still have some in my diet. Yes, they’re usually gluten-free, or organic, or raw, or whatever… but they’re still there on occasion, unfortunately. I’m a work in process!

Until next post, go ahead and focus on adding the “good stuff” – pure & sufficient – to your diet. Soon enough, you’ll know where to begin as far as removing the most common dietary triggers for inflammation and lack of optimal cell function.

Enjoy the bliss of not knowing while it lasts!


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The Cancer Chronicles ~ Pain, Drugs, Radiation and Stress

Happier times...

The good 'ol days...


This update regarding my dad and his journey with cancer is long overdue.

Part of my tardiness is certainly due to the lack of a website for a few months earlier in the year. Mostly though, it’s because writing about dad and cancer would force me to continue thinking about it… and that just stinks.

Even if nobody else ever reads this, this update serves as somewhat of a synopsis and timeline for me… so I can see it all in a concise nutshell, if I ever need to… or if I ever have the stomach to go back and re-read it.

Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer over 10 years ago. For the first 5-6 years, he managed very well with no conventional/allopathic treatment at all; he made major changes to his lifestyle in order to change the environment for his cells. All test results showed phenomenal improvements which he sustained for years.

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years later. She had surgery, including a lymphandectomy, and a partial course of radiation to follow. (Hindsight is a rotten pill to swallow.) She did OK for almost a year and a half post-treatment, then all hell broke loose. She passed away almost 5 years ago now.

It was during the “hell breaking loose” time that my dad started having some issues again. Not much of a surprise. That was also the time he started turning to conventional medicine for various treatments: TURP (trans-urethral prostate resection), cryotherapy, hormonal therapy for years, etc.

He started having “unexplainable”, debilitating pain about 3 1/2 years ago. He was prescribed prednisone (yes, the immune suppressant steroid!), which he took for several years. It took the edge off the pain… but probably took the edge off his ability to keep fighting cancer.

2 years ago, it was discovered that the cancer had metastasized into his pelvic bones. He has had random episodes of serious pain that last for a few days, then subside for a awhile – several weeks to a few months.

The oncologist has told him, since diagnosing the metastasis, that there’s nothing they can offer to “cure” the cancer, and that he feels “too good to offer chemotherapy… since that would only make you feel worse and get very sick”. (At least they’re honest. Sort of.) However, all along, one particular oncologist has been recommending radiation treatment for “pain management”.

On his bad days, dad has been tempted. Then he thinks about all the things that radiation can cause… and the new problems it can create… and he puts it on the back burner. Instead, his doctors have provided him with a variety of pain killers to choose from when he “feels the need”. {sigh}

(By the way, following the diagnosis of metastasis, dad “cleaned things up” again, and did some holistic/alternative treatments for cancer for a short time. His subsequent scans and various tests showed marked improvement. Then, he just fell off track again.)

Well, this year has been a doozy for dad.

It was a depressing winter for him because he just couldn’t get out as much. He has had a worsening issue with his balance over the past couple years.

He decided to sell his home – the one that he and my mom lived in their entire marriage. It was stressful for him to make that decision… but nothing compared to the months that followed!

He had a steady stream of people coming to see his home for several months – which, of course, meant he was constantly cleaning and tidying and feeling very, very stressed about all the strangers in his house! In the meantime, he was ‘casually’ looking for a smaller place to move to. This proved to be much more challenging than he expected… since he had no intention of going anywhere without his beloved Labradoodle, Eddie.

When the house finally sold in the early spring, the frantic search was on. We spent weeks and weeks looking for the right place… small enough… safe enough… affordable enough… good for pets, etc.

It was all just so stressful for him. For all of us, actually. By the time we moved him into his new place in June, he was a different person. He was in constant pain – just varying degrees of it. He was using the pain meds almost daily, and  was (is) now experiencing many of the most common side effects caused by pain relievers.

As the summer progressed, I saw him getting more and more depressed, more confused, more agitated, less patient… and very, very lonely. It’s heart-breaking.

Recently, one of his docs wanted him to be catheterized to help with some of the symptoms he has been experiencing (side effects from previous treatments and procedures). He did OK for a week, then developed a “life threatening infection” that required him to be on IV antibiotics for 2 weeks.

Mind you, he didn’t tell me any of this ’til a couple days into it… partly because he thought he already had! Grrrrr. That’s a whole other issue!

That treatment finished a week ago now. No consultation or follow-up testing with any doctor to confirm that things are cleared up, however. It’s a maddening system, this “socialized medicine” he’s dealing with. What a joke. Then again, it’s not much better when he finally does get in to see a doctor! I’m not sure which is worse: the system, or the paradigm itself!

On a ridiculous, incomprehensible side note, one of the docs he has to deal with – I’ve referred to him in the past with some interesting labels – told my dad that all the problems he has been having with bladder and bowel control issues are my DAD’S FAULT because he “clearly doesn’t know how to take care of his own body”!!!!

Are you kidding me?!

This, from the doc who has done two biopsies, multiple digital exams of the area, the TURP procedure, the cryotherapy, hormonal injections and given out hormonal drugs and pain killers like they’re candy … all the while telling my dad that the number one potential side effect of the various procedures and drugs was incontinence, followed closely by bowel blockages!!

I know God has a plan, but I’m not completely sure this man should have the privilege of working with humans in any capacity.

Moving forward…

Actually, the infection is the least of dad’s worries right now. The pain got so bad this week that he self-medicated again… only it sounds like he definitely over-medicated (oxymoron?). He can’t quite recall the what happened for a couple days in the middle of the week.

He told me yesterday that he doesn’t think he took any pain meds. But, I had to remind him that when I spoke to him on Tuesday he told me he had just taken a couple pain killers with codeine… and I mentioned that I thought that was too much for him and to be careful. He didn’t exactly remember that.

This is scary beyond words.

Not as scary as this…

Now, he’s asking to talk to the oncologist – the one who has been offering radiation treatments for “pain management”. Yesterday, we managed to get his October visit at the cancer center bumped up to Monday morning. By this time next week, I’d imagine he will be doing radiation.

I feel sick. But, I know he just wants the pain to go away… and he believes this will help… because they told him it would. I have to believe that, too… which is an enormous stretch of my faith.

One of his friends emailed me last last night to update me on dad’s condition. He went to visit with him for awhile. (God bless dad’s amazing friends, D & J.) Apparently, dad was in bed, couldn’t/wouldn’t get up because of the pain, and was freezing, despite being buried in covers and comforters. He told his friend that he has “never known pain like this”.

It’s going to be a long weekend. All prayers for peace and comfort and strength are sincerely appreciated.

By the way, I found out somewhere along this journey of the past 8 or 9 months that dad hasn’t really been doing any of the treatments (or “lifestyle recommendations”) that I’ve given him or recommended to him. He says it’s just too “confusing” and too overwhelming. To me, that’s the drugs talking. I think he’s just too deeply embedded in the conventional system to not do exactly what they tell him to. While I don’t agree, I 100% respect and honor his decisions… and he knows this without a doubt.

I’d never ask someone whose faith lies in conventional medicine and oncology to turn their back on it – that would be too stressful for them. I just offer additional strategies and treatments that can be more effective and certainly safer, as well as treatments to minimize the damage caused by the conventional approach.

Contrary to what you might be thinking, I do not “lecture” my dad at all… at least not for the past year or more! He’s just too forgetful and confused. Oh, and crotchety towards me when we talk about his health! Mostly, I tip-toe around on egg shells with him… just trying to help where he’ll let me… preparing him healthy foods while I’m there… biting my tongue when he eats, drinks or takes something that is damaging to his health.

Who am I to judge? I’m anything but perfect.

Who knows where he’d be now, had he been following different recommendations. I certainly do not know – that kind of information is reserved for our Creator who knows all. Really, it’s neither here nor there at this point. It is what it is.

So, that brings us up to date.

I’m trying to remember what I learned along this journey with my mom:

  • One day (one hour, sometimes) at a time.
  • There are blessings everywhere, in every situation, if we’ll just SEE them.
  • Be fully present with each other… we never know when it’ll be our last opportunity.
  • Be thankful for the moments we do have with each other… (see above!).
  • And, of course, have faith. Trust God. I can’t control this… it’s in His hands, exactly where it should be.
  • Pray for peace, pray for comfort, pray for strength for ALL of us… but mostly, pray for God’s will to be done, whatever that may be.


Here we go…



Our 2012-2013 Home School Curriculum


Teacher's Pets!

I never thought I’d ever write a post about what we do for home school… because other home schooling families seem WAY more organized and “with it” than us!

However, this year, in our fifth year of home schooling, I finally realize, “Hey, we’ve actually made this thing work… even without perfect schedules and a perfectly organized home!”

Really, the reason I’m writing a post about what we use for our home school curriculum is two-fold:

1) I’ve had several people ask. Usually they ask when I’m right in the middle of something else and I don’t have much time to go into it all… or remember it all! I figured if I write it down, I can just show them.

Efficiency. I like it.

2) I also figured, if I write it all down, someone will hold me accountable to it come November when I’m potentially falling off track… or when I’ve forgotten all the curriculum investments I’ve already made!

Before I tell you what we use for our home schooling, let me clarify a couple things. First, we don’t use ALL these things every single week. With some of them, I ‘float’ in and out of as needed… or as I remember!

(See reason #2 above!)

Also, as any teacher would tell you, our list is never complete. Wherever and whenever an opportunity or tool for learning presents itself, I’m on it. I would anticipate, and hope, that this list would grow as our school year unfolds and I add more to their educational experience.

By the way, we have two lovely children that we home school. A 10-year old girl who does primarily 5th and 6th grade work, and a 7-year old boy who does a tiny bit of 2nd grade work, but mostly 3rd and 4th grade.

What We’re Using for our Curriculum:


Our primary curriculum is Saxon Math. I throw in Math-U-See for my son, too. Both kids supplement with Time4Learning and IXL, mostly to keep them occupied when I’m working. I also occasionally add some Life of Fred for my daughter.

Language Arts:

Bob Jones University Writing & Grammar – rather self-explanatory! I also like Time4Learning for various grammar-ish lessons. “Grammar-ish” is not a word they teach, in case you were wondering.

The kids (especially my daughter) write in their journals regularly.

For more literature-based work, we use Moving Beyond the Page units – usually 2 or 3 per semester. I also have a running list of classic literature that we read together and discuss. Right now, it’s The Odyssey.

Once in a blue moon, I’ll get in the mood for some traditional spelling lessons. Not too often, though. I correct their spelling in their journals, if necessary. I once read that kids who read a lot are usually great spellers because they’re exposed to so many words through their reading. Since we sign out (and read) dozens and dozens of book from the library each week, I figure we’ve got the reading and spelling thing covered for the most part!

We use Handwriting Without Tears, too.


This is a hodge-podge of fun! I use the monthly kits from Magic School Bus as part of a foundation to build upon. I also rely heavily on local nature centers and science-based programs that we attend in our area. We’ll research the topic in advance, listen to the experts, then have follow-up discussion and note taking.  We do several field trips each month.

I also refer to the curriculum from R.E.A.L. Science Odyssey. We utilize Discovery Education streaming for lots of science supplementation (as well as history, geography, etc.) The kids LOVE to watch Beakmans’s World episodes on Netflix. I have them take notes on the subjects discussed in each episode. (My son would prefer to dictate to his mother! Who wouldn’t?!)

Finally, my kids would tell you that their life is an ongoing science lesson, having two parents deeply vested in the world of health, physiology, nutrition, movement science, brain function, metabolic recovery, etc. etc.! We talk nutrition, exercise, anatomy and physiological function on a daily basis.

If I ever feel like I might be missing something, I just sneak a peak at our state standards to remind myself what I’m supposed to make sure these people of mine are learning about!


We love Story of the World and all the accompanying literature recommendations. I also use Veritas history cards and system, as well as their literature recommendations. Our library people hide under the desk when they see us coming!

Again, the kids love Netflix options like Liberty’s Kids to help them with history. We have Mike Huckabee’s videos and will soon be acquiring the Drive Thru History series on America… and hopefully more to come.


Geography kind of falls in place with much of our history studies, but I’ve also added some more American-based geography through the Scholastic “Which Way USA?” maps and books on each state. We’re also continuing our study (“tour”) of the National Parks, as well as a tour of national monuments and landmarks. Sounds like a lot, but it’s just a nice, light way to continue to reinforce American geography.

I also let the kids play on websites like – they have some great geography games and quizzes that have really helped the kids.

Grandpa makes sure they’re learning some Canadian geography and social studies along the way, too!

Here’s a really fun thing we did last year to help us dive into geography and “world studies” in a different way: we chose a favorite “famous” person of the kids’ – Justin Bieber – and we followed his World Tour. We’d print maps and educational info from to learn about the countries he was visiting… AND we’d follow his mother-approved posts on Facebook and tweets on Twitter to keep it fun and engaging for the kids. It was a fabulous bonus that Mr. Bieber made his own videos and commentary of beautiful cultures along the way. They LOVED this… and I loved having Justin Bieber’s help! We’ll see who’s on tour this year!

I also have Mapping the World by Heart that we haven’t actually used too much just yet.

Foreign Language:

We have Rosetta Stone for Spanish. The kids have also taken French and Spanish through our local home school group classes, as well as online through CurrClick.

Memory Work :

I’ve finally made this a “formal” part of our home schooling curriculum this year. Each child has their memory binder where we’ll add their memory work throughout the year. Some of the categories are: famous quotes, famous speeches, national anthem, prayers & scripture, Presidents, states/capitols, etc.


We use the Mavis Beacon program.


The kids have used Time4Learning for years, as well as other mother-approved educational (and some for purely fun!) websites.  We’ve taught our daughter basic functions for creating and saving her work in Word. It’s our son’s turn for that this year, as he is becoming adept in keyboarding now.

They’re also both starting to work on their own websites/blogs. My daughter will begin helping behind the scenes in our office this week with some computer work –  basic data entry and running reports. Maybe I should start planning my retirement!

Home School Connections:

Once a week, the kids attend home school classes with a bunch of other home schooled kids. They’ve taken some great classes through this program in the past: engineering, literature discussion, foreign languages, world cultures, physics, phys-ed, etc. This semester they’re taking more literature discussion, the 50 states, geology, pioneer days in Jamestown, science – light & electricity, engineering – how bridges & roads are made… neat stuff! They love it!

Physical Education:

At home, we incorporate movement into each day. The trampoline is still the most popular form of exercise for the kids, but their scooters and bikes are a close second. We go on walks, go swimming (for as long as we can), the kids do Just Dance on Wii for “break time”, play catch or frisbee…

As far as outside the home, this fall both kids are in gymnastics. Soon, they’ll back to skating, and hopefully, our son can add karate.


We use Mark Kistler’s program… not too regularly, though.

Performing Arts:

In the past, the kids have been involved with productions through our church. That’s coming up again soon… we shall see if it comes together this fall or not!


So, there you go. That’s what we’re using as our main outline this year.


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Home School History Field Trip Turns to Vaccine & Health Lesson!

Ampule and syringe.

Yesterday, the kids and I ventured out for one of our many September home school field trips. It was at a local nature center, but the topic was to be more focused on the history of our local Detroit area.

I just love the teaching style of the man who does most of these classes – he’s a wealth of knowledge and an absolute riot! He captivates the kids from the moment we arrive. I always expect the unexpected when we attend his classes… he over-delivers each and every time.

Yesterday, we were discussing a replica of a painting that hangs in The Henry Ford Museum that portrays an event hosted by Henry Ford in the 1930’s to honor the 50th anniversary of Thomas Edison’s groundbreaking work with electric light. Quite the who’s-who, as you can imagine.

Then, my nature guy took a little diversion and started talking about the lack of children in the scene. He went on to describe how infectious diseases used to be far more common and used to kill significantly more people than nowadays. He specifically discussed the tragic effect these diseases had on children.

You know where he went next, right?

Yep. Vaccinations.

Actually, he called them “immunizations”, which is a misnomer, as they do not impart immunity.

Thankfully, it was a short visit on his soap box… which is good, because I was inching closer in order to rib-check him right off there into the nature observatory behind him! I’ve experienced enough years of listening to inaccurate and incomplete “science” on the subject of mass vaccination that I can usually roll with it in social settings for the sake of being *nice*! But I really didn’t like seeing these young minds looking up at him intently, absorbing what he was teaching.

He told the kids how lucky they are now because “they all get shots when they’re little so that they don’t get these diseases anymore”.

Um, no. That’s not exactly right… AND, it was quite a blanket generalization, to say the least!

That’s not why MY kids haven’t had diseases! And, yes, we do still see some of these diseases lurking… at least according to the docs who are still heavily pushing whooping cough vaccines for all ages these days.

My kids were confused… looking at me like, “But… but… WE didn’t have shots, mom…!”

Now, this man is wickedly smart… and a fabulous teacher. But, he has clearly bought into inaccurate information that has simply been regurgitated and passed down over the years.

The odd thing was, not 15 minutes before discussing this famous painting, he was teaching the kids all about the dangers of food contamination that people had to deal with during this time period. He taught them how families would carefully preserve their meat in crocks using fat and grease for antimicrobial purposes, since there was no refrigeration at that time. He also detailed how careful they had to be with their canning process since it could be dangerous if not done properly.


We also briefly discussed the lack of plumbing and what that meant for sanitation purposes and personal cleanliness & hygiene… including the lack of hand-washing!


I couldn’t help but visualize all the statistics and historical data I’ve read over the years that documents the timeline and trends of diseases dissipating BEFORE the introduction of mass vaccination.

What was rather funny about this situation was, as I looked around the room, I realized that I was amongst “friends”. Several of the home schooling moms were giving our nature guy the fish eye, too. Apparently, some of the kids in attendance were not vaccinated due to scientific and philosophical reasons… AND, some had stopped vaccinations due to vaccine-induced injuries.

Whoa. Didn’t see that coming! How’s that for a sign of the times?!

I wonder if, 50 years from now, the next nature guy will have to explain mass vaccinations to the next group of students. He might say something like, “While it seemed like a good idea *in theory*, once the pharmaceutical companies took over the world, vaccines simply became far too dangerous and were far too many in number. We witnessed the birth of a whole new category of conditions like Autism and Asperger’s and various spectrum disorders that were suspiciously linked to vaccinations.”

I’ll tell you what, at the very least, nature guy’s vaccine talk made for an incredibly good health lesson with the kids on the way home!

First, we agreed that our nature guy is wonderful and brilliant and we think he’s one of the best teachers ever. Then, we agreed that he doesn’t know everything… but that doesn’t make him any less of an expert on the things he does know about!

I explained the *theory* of how vaccinations are supposed to work and how the various components of our immune system identify the invading microorganism and how they are supposed to respond if that microorganism is introduced again in the future.

Yes, in theory, it’s a great idea. If would could simply take a shot and be “immune” for life? Are you kiddin’ me?! That would be fabulous!

Unfortunately, it has not turned out to be that simple.

To make matters worse, the vaccines themselves are loaded with a stomach-turning combination of  toxic and dangerous ingredients. Could this be why so many families are seeing the connection between vaccinations and the “newer” spectrum disorders and conditions like autism? Many argue that it’s just too much (too soon) for our bodies… especially little bodies with immature immune systems.

Until there’s evidence of the safety and efficacy of vaccines, I’m out. It’s a personal choice based on science. However, I believe that each of us should have the right to make that choice for ourselves. If you believe in the safety and efficacy of vaccines, then you should have the right to vaccinate. I respect your right to choose. I just always encourage parents to do their homework on the subject – take a look at the pros and cons, and the risks involved. I’m not a fan of following the status quo… based on regurgitated information… just because that’s what we’re told to do.

Anyhow, it was an interesting lesson yesterday, to say the least! The vaccine topic was only 5 minutes of the whole lesson, but it was just so casually presented – and so incomplete – that it struck me as majorly annoying! It felt like I was in a drug commercial, silently screaming, “You can’t SAY stuff like that!! It’s simply not TRUE!!”

By the way, we did learn a TON about some local history… and even some nature!

Not Losing Weight? How Toxic Are You?


In my experience, one of the most commonly overlooked components of successfully losing excess weight and body fat, and sustaining results, is toxicity.

Toxicity and deficiency are the two underlying causes of chronic illness – from obesity to cancer to fertility issues and gastrointestinal and digestive disorders… and much, much more.

Toxicity (a stressor) can come from obvious things, like nutritional toxicity, chemical toxicity, and environmental toxicity. But it can also come from other sources that are more subtle, like emotional & mental stress, chronic sleep deprivation, chronic use of medication, sedentary living, and much more.

Here’s the catch, when it comes to toxicity, weight loss and body fat…

Our body’s innate intelligence wants to protect our most vital organs and systems from the dangers of toxicity. So, it has a brilliant plan. When we are toxic, the body can a couple of  things to protect itself from damage (well, more than that, actually… but two that will really irk you if you’re trying to lose that belly fat!):

1) The fat cells we’ve already got will become larger in an effort to create a protective buffer against the toxic onslaught;
2) We can ‘grow’ more fat cells in order to accomplish this same goal – protection.

Toxicity = increased size and number of fat cells.

Hmmm… knowing this, don’t you think this would be the #1 focus of all weight loss and fat loss programs?

Clearly, it’s not!

In fact, oftentimes the food, energy bars, protein shakes and “nutritional” supplements included in popular mainstream weight loss programs are the most toxic of all!

It’s completely backwards!
(Not if you want repeat business, I suppose.)

Here’s a different way to think about shedding excess pounds of toxic fat: When we create healthy cells and systems in the body, the body’s metabolism becomes much more effective and the body has a significantly easier time getting rid of the toxic excess.

A healthier body has an easier time achieving, and maintaining, a healthy body composition.

So, instead of counting calories and fat grams, the most important choices we can make involve the quality of the food we’re consuming.

Who cares if something’s low calorie and low fat if it’s completely toxic?? The toxicity will cause us to hang onto our fat, possibly create even more fat, and worst of all, it causes us to lose our health in the process.

Our focus should be on choosing non-toxic sources of protein, like grass-fed, pasture-raised meats, poultry and eggs, and wild fish from deep, cold water. We should choose fats and oils that are from natural sources, like real (raw) butter, pure coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, and raw nuts & seeds, not highly processed synthetic sources like the vegetable oils we see lining store shelves now. We should be choosing an abundance of fresh veggies and some fruit, all as non-toxic as possible.

These are the foods that fuel. This fuel provides the foundation for better function in the body, and therefore, better metabolism.

Of course, we’ll see even better health and better weight loss efforts the more we can avoid or eliminate the most toxic foods, like sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors & flavors, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, hydrogenated & partially hydrogenated fats, excitotoxins (MSG, autolyzed yeast extract, vegetable protein, etc.), soy, and pretty much any and all “diet” food.

A body seeking healthy function doesn’t need energy drinks, sports drinks, caffeine, junk food, conventional grains (especially gluten), dairy, pop, or a gazillion other “foods” that are marketed to us.

Consider the implications of teaching children to eat this way – to fuel their bodies. The childhood obesity epidemic would massively benefit from this type of shift, rather than emphasizing calorie reduction with toxic food alternatives.

Our bodies’ cellular requirements are pretty simple, actually.

So, if you’ve reached a plateau with your weight loss, or don’t even know where to start, consider your level of chronic toxicity.

Maybe it’s time to find the right practitioner who can work with you to safely and effectively detoxify the systems of your body, and help you re-create a healthy recipe for success to truly fuel your body for the future.

Then, you’ll see your desired weight LOSS as well as life-enhancing health GAINS!


* * * * *

If you need some personal help with jump-starting your weight reduction and fat loss, or in constructing a healthier diet that fuels you for life, or even to discover (and address) some of the root causes behind some chronic health conditions you may be experiencing, please feel free to contact me. We offer “distance” care programs for all of our Metabolic Recovery clients who can’t make it to our practice.