Accurate Thinking About Weight Loss… And the Lies We Tell Ourselves!

wt loss veggies

Every week, we counsel a number of people who are seeking help for their body weight and body fat issues.

People are confused, frustrated, overwhelmed… and getting MORE fat and LESS healthy in the process.

The irony is that there’s clearly no shortage of information out there about weight loss, diets, and fat loss. Arguably, there’s probably MORE information on the internet and on infomercials about dieting, weight loss, and exercise than any other health topic.

So, why are we still getting bigger… and sicker?

We’re gaining FAT and LOSING our health at increasing rates with each passing year. We’re becoming a society of over-fat and under-muscled people, setting ourselves up for any number of chronic illnesses. Worse yet, we’re teaching our kids how to follow in our foot steps!

Clearly, the challenge is not a lack of information! We have more than we know what to do with already!
The issue is a lack of ACCURATE information… and an accurate, sustainable strategy. Ultimately, the biggest issue of all is a lack of transformation!

In order to change the results we’ve been getting with our body composition (and our health), we must change the way we THINK.

There are consequences to the choices we make. Good and bad.

There are devastating consequences to consistently making toxic or deficient lifestyle choices in the way we eat, the way we move (or fail to move) and even in the way we think and respond to stressors in our lives.

The stress hormones released as a result of  UNhealthy choices set the stage for chronic hormone imbalance. It is virtually impossible to achieve long-term success with weight loss… or with health… if you have created chronic hormone imbalance.

So, let’s be positive and proactive…

There are also consequences to making consistently HEALTHY choices in our lifestyle!

The key is consistency.

We’re stuck in a mindset that tells us we should snap our fingers, take a magic pill, eat “diet” food, go to a Boot Camp, or have a “simple” surgical procedure and we’ll see results immediately.

That’s not how health happens and that’s not how long-term success in weight reduction happens.

Transformation can only take place when new healthy behaviors are consistently made over TIME. That’s not what most people want to hear. It’s that “over time” thing that we just don’t like!

Too bad, so sad. That’s what it takes!

Real positive change only happens when we start “right” strategies and a “right” plan to implement the strategies… and then stick to what we started!!

In order to stick to new behavior and make new choices, we have to start with a new understanding… a new paradigm, or way of looking at things. This “paradigm shift” is truly the key to lasting change.

A paradigm shifts once your beliefs shift. Beliefs can shift once you have better (more accurate) information and your self-talk changes.

Part of having better information when it comes to weight loss is to understand that obesity and excess body fat are the result of chronic hormonal imbalances (directly related to toxicity, as well). If you’re over-fat, that’s your indication that your hormones are out of balance.

“What hormones?” you ask? “Is she talking about those female hormones???” Nope.

The key hormones at play are sometimes referred to as the “stress hormones”. Hormones such as insulin, cortisol and glucagon. Clearly, not just a ‘chick’ thing!

(Chronic illness is also related to these hormonal imbalances.)

Next, you’ve got to know how to shift your hormonal balance into a positive place that works for you, rather than against you. With consistently good choices, these hormones in large part will lead you to feel good, look good, and ‘function good’.

When it comes to body composition, these hormones in a healthy balance can help you burn fat.

Consistently poor choices – even the unintentional ones, like chronic sleep deprivation – will set the stage for fat storage.

The chronic stress as a result of toxic &/or deficient choices drives the production of even more stress hormones.

Fat and sugar are major substrates (‘building blocks’) of stress hormones. Therefore, chronic stress and unhealthy choices lead you to crave MORE fat and sugar so you can make MORE stress hormones! Then, you have a tougher time shedding the excess fat because of this chronic hormonal imbalance.

Do you really think a pill or a diet pop or low-fat food or a surgical procedure are going to address this major underlying cause?? No. Not for any length of time, anyway.

The key to lifetime health and optimal body weight is consistently making healthy choices based upon accurate science… and supporting our natural, balanced hormone function as a result.

I’ve heard many sabotaging and inaccurate mindsets and beliefs from people dealing with weight issues. It’s not really their fault that they believe these things… they’ve become the cultural norm for what we believe about weight. Things like:

~ Obesity runs in my family… there’s not really much I can do about it.

~ I’m just too busy to work out.

~ Eating healthy costs too much.

~ Getting healthy again is way too hard… it’s too late.

~ I eat a low-fat, low-calorie foods, and sugar-free foods… and I’m still not losing weight.

~ I work out a lot so I can pretty much eat what I want! I’ll burn off all those calories!

~ My spouse loves me just the way I am.

~ I don’t want to look all “muscled up” if I work out.

~ I don’t want to look like some skinny celebrity.

~ I can just take medication or have some surgery done down the road if it gets too bad.

~ I love food too much to give it up! (me, too… which is why I DON’T “give it up”!!)

~ I’m so stressed out and tired all the time… I can’t add another thing to my list!!

~ My stress levels and sleep couldn’t possibly be affecting my weight and body fat!

Wow. These are all so damaging on various levels. We’re “off” with our thinking about weight and health.

It’s frightening to continue thinking the way everyone else thinks… ‘cuz you know what that will get you! MORE fat. LESS health.

We need to start by asking better questions, like, “How do I support more balanced and supportive hormone function?” Then, “How do I sustain it?”

Nutrition, Movement, Mindset, Sleep, Environment… those are the biggies. Doing as much as possible to meet our cellular requirements in these main areas of lifestyle while simultaneously reducing toxicity is the underlying strategy for lifetime success in health and body composition.

No magic pills… just ongoing effort in creating, and re-creating health!


“The Secret Veggie Weapon” ~ An Easy Way to Add More Vegetables to Your Diet

veg market

The Secret Veggie Weapon. One of my favorite ways to dramatically increase the amount of vegetables in our diet (and help our practice members and clients do the same) is actually a tip I borrowed from Dr. James Chestnut. He calls it “The Innate Diet Organic Big Salad”. I affectionately refer to it as “The Chestnut Salad”.

You know your life is goin’ all right if somebody names a salad after you!

When you walk into the produce section of your supermarket, there’s an entire area of leafy, crunchy, sometimes funny looking things that very few people know what to do with. We naturally gravitate to the carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, beans, corn (not a vegetable, by the way… stop trying to tell me it is!), maybe some zucchini and squash—things that look familiar.

Unfortunately, this means we’re bypassing truckloads of nutrients by brushing past these unfamiliar vegetables.

The Chestnut Salad is a simple, quick way to include these mystery vegetables that the average shopper tends to overlook. Choose a variety fresh vegetables and produce, organic whenever possible —kale, Swiss chard, cabbage, beets, turnips, broccoli, onions, peppers, leeks, cauliflower, carrots, parsley, ginger, garlic… whatever you like. Change it up every time you make it.

Dice all these veggies into small pieces. Dr. Chestnut suggest approximating the size of your baby pinky nail – but that gives me the eeby-jeebies because it reminds me of the time my sister-in-law found a fake fingernail in her salad at a restaurant!

You can use a food processor or food chopper. We used to use our Vita-Mix for this, but I think I may have accidentally blown it up due to extreme overuse on a daily basis!

Mix all the veggies together and store the mixture in a glass bowl (with a tight fitting lid) in the fridge. This is your salad topping. It’s an incredible nutrient-dense vegetable mix.

Make your regular salad with spinach or romaine or spring mix, or whatever greens you like. Then, take a big heaping spoonful – or more – of your salad topping and plop it on top of your salad. Add any number of other healthy options for variety: raw nuts, seeds, sprouts, hard boiled eggs, various sources of protein, other veggies… you get the picture.

I’m also a big fan of adding roasted veggies, like asparagus, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, etc. It adds a nice layer of warmth and yumminess!

Dr. Chestnut also recommends a simple recipe for making your own salad dressing using only lemon, olive oil, vinegar, sea salt, and pepper. Or you can get organic dressings in the grocery store—just avoid anything containing trans fats or high fructose corn syrup.

My favorite method of making our own dressing is to rub a few cloves of freshly pressed garlic into our wooden salad bowl first. Then I add some organic extra virgin olive oil, a tiny squeeze of fresh lemon and some nice, seedy, organic mustard. (I’m not sure what the mustard did in its past to be considered “seedy”… but I’m not here to judge!)

Sometimes, I’ll also add a raw egg to this mixture, or some balsamic vinegar. I mix it all up in the bowl before adding the salad ingredients, a dash of sea salt, maybe some kelp, and freshly ground pepper. Ahhh… garlic breath!


As far as your salad serving size, the more the better. You know the traditional wooden salad set with the large bowl and four smaller individual bowls? Dr. Chestnut jokes that the large serving bowl is now your individual salad bowl—that’s how much we should be eating!

The point is, eat a lot of fresh salads and veggies.

Chestnut’s veggie topping is a power-packed way to get a variety of nutrients into your diet in a simple way. It’s especially effective for tempering the stronger flavors of some of those dark leafy greens. The more intense flavors that may not be appealing aren’t as intense once they’re chopped up and mixed in with everything else.

Put whatever vegetables you want in the mixture, it doesn’t really matter. When we talk about adding purity and sufficiency to your diet (the key to reversing chronic toxicity and deficiency), this is a massively sufficient method of adding nutrients.



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Back to (Home) School: I Almost Made the Wrong Choice!

Little hands drawing between school supplies and apples

As you may recall, we’ve been home schooling for a few years now. This will be our fifth year educating at home. I’m still not really sure how it happened… it was never something I had planned on in the early years with munchkins. It just kind of evolved into something that fits best with us.

Interestingly, it has never been a 100% black and white choice with me. I see the pros and cons of home schooling my children, and I see pros and cons of sending them to a more conventional school setting.

In fact, I struggle with the decision each and every year, multiple times per year… frequently questioning if I am making the best choice for the kids… if they are missing out on anything ‘big’ by home schooling. The fact that we’re headed into year five gives you a pretty clear indication what my answer has consistently been!

Three years ago though, these types of nagging questions and doubts became so powerful that I actually sent the kids to school for half a semester. While there were certainly some positive elements to that choice, overall, it was a disappointment.

We’ve been back at the dining room table ever since!

Last year was *interesting*.

The fall semester was just a tad bit on the rocky side – there was some new resistance creeping in from my youngest, as he started having to do some “real school work”. At times, it was a battle of the wills, but it has definitely gotten better as we’ve come to understand each other’s styles.

Around the Christmas holidays we lost our one and only staff member at work, and that meant I needed to be in the office daily. Subsequently, a revolving door of assistants in our practice this year has resulted in the kids and I going in to the practice far more than ever intended.

If I had planned on it, it would have worked out better, I’m sure. The challenge was that we kept thinking, “It’s only for a little while… this won’t last long… you’ll be back to your *regular* home school schedule (and life) before you know it…”

That never happened, so I never really had a plan for how to make this crazy schedule really work well. Looking back, it felt like my life was one big ‘reaction’ rather than a plan!

The kids love seeing all the other families and children that regularly frequent our practice, and they love socializing with people of all ages there, but the whole routine had gotten pretty old for them, too!

It may have taken us a bit longer than I would have liked, but we did eventually get through the major ‘academic’ tasks of the school year. However, a big challenge I was having with this schedule was that the kids weren’t able to participate in nearly as many of the extracurricular events and classes that I find so valuable – sports, music, field trips, etc. That part was really, really hard on me. Also, I was just too mentally exhausted most of the time to really focus on making things “fun” for them, day in and day out.


A couple weeks ago, my husband and I had an impromptu business meeting that unexpectedly turned to a major conversation about my schedule and, therefore, our schooling choices. As it turns out, I’m going to continue being  needed in the practice on a very frequent basis.

This was not the “kicking off a fabulous new school year” news I was anticipating!

Several hours (and tears) later, we came to the conclusion that we might need to send the kids to public school this year, while we worked on some of our larger projects that seem to keep getting placed on the back burner. That way, too, the kids would be able to regularly experience music, art, theater, sports… and, of course, make some new friends.


I combed over the school district’s website, reading every document. I studied the curriculum. I even went so far as to go to the local school they’d be attending, poked around the school yard and peeked in the classroom windows, trying to envision my kids there. I had a small myocardial infarction as I counted the number of desks in each classroom.

That night, I did not sleep. At all.

My stomach hurt. My head hurt. My heart hurt. This was just SO hard, making this decision. (I’ve often joked that I kinda’ sorta’ envy the people who don’t give their school choices a second thought… when I think of how much thought and energy I invest in this choice!)

I spent most of the night crying… as I mentally compiled a list of all the things “not right” about this potential choice. {I’ll eventually write a post about this list, I’m sure.} By the time everyone else in the house awakened the next morning, I had made the decision that, although it wouldn’t be as easy as I’d like, I would make home school work with my schedule… no matter what.

(Feel free to check back with me come October/November… if I’m not institutionalized, that is!)

The thought of sending my kids to school at this particular time in their lives created such an overwhelming visceral reaction in my body (and soul!) that I’m willing to get as creative with my schedule as necessary in order to make home school work…  or car school… or work school… or wherever-we-can school!

Actually, I found the whole process very interesting and completely revealing. I discovered that my “mother’s compass” is definitely on the job! I can’t believe how profoundly my entire body and mind rejected the idea of sending the kids off to school.

Of course, conventional schools have their benefits – in fact, some of my favorite people and closest friends are school teachers. Of course, it’s the right choice for so many. Just not me. Not right now, at least. My heart told me that loud and clear! I have a feeling that our kids will be back in the public school mix at some point in their educational careers, I’m just not sure when.

So, while this upcoming school year will be busy trying to balance home school with time in the practice, with Dr. Mom Online time, with a brand new (and very big) venture we’re starting, AND remaining dedicated to keeping things FUN for the kids, I’m determined to do my best to make this work.

Any prayers are definitely welcome!


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Back to School Solution for Healthy Meals and Snacks

brown bag

Whether your kids go to school or are home schooled, back to school time means it’s time to figure out how to feed our kids a variety healthy foods… day in and day out.

It’s one of the leading challenges (OK, complaints, really) that you’ll hear from parents during the school year!

And, sadly, buying into the school lunch programs offered by schools is rarely a truly healthy choice. I’ve dissected many a school menu only to be left shaking my head in disappointment.

Years ago, when our eldest first started school, I realized the need for a third party guide of sorts… something to refer to when it was time to make healthy food choices for the upcoming school day. I couldn’t believe how quickly, and at what a young age, our kids started paying attention to what “everyone else” was eating or what teachers were telling them was “healthy”.

Nuh-uh. That wasn’t going to fly!

Goldfish crackers, pretzels, graham crackers and a carton of milk were NOT on our list of health-promoting foods!

So, I created the original “Dr. Mom’s Healthy School Days Menu” to use in our own family. It was cute… it was funny to the kids… and it worked. The kids could see what qualified as “healthy” choices. The whining was hushed!

Soon, word spread in our practiced. Parents wanted to see this menu guide that we were using… and they wanted their own.

OK. I took my little hand written card stock menu and gussied it all up, until “voila!”, the official “Healthy School Days Menu” was created!

It’s actually more of a nutrition guide than a “cook book”, really. It’s 8 pages of mini nutrition lessons as well as several ideas for healthy breakfasts, lunches and snacks… all meeting Dr. Mom’s criteria for the “Circle of Health”. It also touches on some of the hottest topics in health and nutrition: childhood obesity, gluten sensitivity, and the controversial nature of dairy and grains.

If you’d like your own copy to launch the school year in a healthier way, let me know – I’ve only got less than 20 of the originals remaining… and I’m selling them at less than HALF the price of what they were previously selling for!!

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Brown Lunches for Kids

brown lunch

(The original post of “Brown Lunches for Kids” was in October 2009. I’m fairly certain it deserves a second look, especially with a new school year quickly approaching!)

Lately, I’ve had several opportunities to get up close and personal with children’s meals and snacks. It has been an awakening!

I have two young children. I understand the challenge of consistently providing them with healthy, nutritious foods. Foods that they will actually eat, that is! It’s a challenge, yes. But, it’s a worthy cause.

We have innate genetic requirements for health. We require purity and sufficiency in the way we eat, move and think. Without this, we cannot create optimal health, function and performance. Therefore, when it comes to what we’re eating, it’s got to be nutrient-dense and the least toxic we can find. Those are the simple requirements for health.

This is not what I’m seeing lately! I’m seeing kids that are eating what passes as food simply to fill up, rather than to “fuel up”. Food is being selected based on taste, rather than nutritional benefit. I’ve seen kids taking over the role of nutritional decision maker in many families! Frightening!

Sure, it may ease the battles within the household, but it certainly doesn’t provide kids with a fair chance of building a solid, healthy foundation.

Again, I’m a parent. I know those battles and how they wear us down. However, until my kids are old enough, wise enough, responsible enough and educated enough regarding the true pathway to optimal health and function, I plan on being the one that wears the nutritional pants in our family!

I don’t believe that providing healthier foods requires a complete overhaul of our entire diet and lifestyle. Not at all. Many families don’t have the time, energy or finances for that anyhow. I believe that simple tweaks here and there can make tremendous differences in our children’s health, happiness and performance.

One thing I’ve noticed when sharing meals with other kids is the lack of natural vibrant color in their meals. I used to call it the “Brown Food Diet”, but it has now been upgraded to the “White, Tan, Yellow, Beige, Brown Food Diet”!

I’m seeing an overwhelming amount of cereal, bread, pasta (mac ‘n cheese), crackers, chips, pizza, cookies, pastries, bagels, donuts, corn products, French fries, cheese sticks and all sorts of fake food concoctions. The drink of choice? Pop, or maybe a ‘sports’ drink, an “energy” drink, or a juice box. All loaded with sugar, high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors, sweeteners and flavors. Then there’s conventional cow’s milk… I’ll save that for another article!

Where is the color? Where is the life in these foods? Oh, wait. For color, I’ve seen plenty of M & M’s, Skittles, neon drinks and brightly colored breakfast cereal! Not exactly what I had in mind.



We can’t possibly be building healthy little people with these ingredients! Once in awhile a tasty toxin probably won’t do much harm. But I’m not seeing this stuff  go into the average kid only once in awhile. No wonder kids are now the sickest they’ve ever been. Chronic illness that was once reserved for adults, like cancer, diabetes, obesity, depression, anxiety and so on, is now growing at epidemic proportions in our children. The epidemic of childhood obesity has garnered the attention of many… but we’re overlooking the root causes of obesity at any age, and the consequences of not correcting those causes.

In all fairness, I completely understand how parents end up making these choices. These “foods” are usually cheaper, more convenient, more readily available, faster, AND your kids are telling you it’s what they want! We get sucked into feeling OK about it because our kids are eating it… we think they’re filling up, so they must be OK. They don’t look sick, so they must be OK. It’s all understandable, but I think we can do better… and it doesn’t need to rock our family boat too much!

One of the easiest things we can do to help improve the nutritional health of our children is to add some fresh, natural color to their meals and snacks. Add some live food! Even just adding one serving of fresh vegetables is a tremendous improvement. The unhealthiest meal instantly becomes healthier with a little fresh fiber added. I like to tell my kids (and my patients!), “Eat more plants!”

Although we don’t physiologically require as much fruit as some folks think, having fruit handy as a small snack is an enormous improvement over toxic and deficient snack food like pretzels, chips, cookies, etc.

Another simple improvement to make is to add more water as the beverage of choice. We require it for health. If your child is not much of a water drinker, even adding one little glass each day is a big step toward better health. (Not the flavored water, sweetened with artificial sweeteners!)

Of course, not all brown, beige, yellow and tan  food is “bad”! There are fabulous sources of protein, fats, oils and even some veggies that fit into that color category.

We don’t necessarily have to take away any of the things our kids enjoy in order to improve their health. Nor do we need to break the bank. Begin with adding some purity and sufficiency… add the “good stuff” first. If you really want to see dramatic health improvements, of course, we’d all benefit by reducing our toxic intake as well. But, I did say there’s no need for an overhaul to see improvements – I’ll keep my word! Start off by keeping it simple, comfortable and gradual.

Every choice we make has consequences. Some will be readily apparent right away; some will not reveal themselves for many years. That doesn’t make the consequences any less significant. Help teach your children the positive consequences of making healthier nutrition choices.


Healthy Eating for Kids





Do We “Catch a Cold”, or “Earn” One?

cold and flu

A few days ago, I “caught a cold”.

Not really. I never actually say those words. They’re not accurate.

However, that’s the terminology several people in our office used with me when they heard my voice in the midst of this summertime cold. “Dr. Colleen! You caught a cold??!!” And, “How on earth did you catch a cold in the middle of summer?!

Perfect opportunity for me to give a lesson in health!

First of all, I didn’t “catch a cold”. There was no massive outbreak of colds in our community… or state. In fact, I had not been in contact with anyone experiencing a cold at all.

Nope, I earned this little expression of my immune system fair and square, all on my own.

(By the way, I wasn’t “sick”, either. My body was simply adapting to the environment I had created. It’s an intelligent response by the body… not a stupid or random one.)

What’s the cause of this adaptation of the immune system? Same as all chronic illness or “diseases of lifestyle”: toxicity &/or deficiency. We voluntarily or involuntarily create an environment for our cells that is essentially “poisonous” to them (toxicity), &/or we don’t consistently provide what our cells need in order to function in a state of homeostasis (deficiency).

I am so incredibly talented that I was able to provide my cells with both toxicity AND deficiency for several days in a row recently!

My diet has been “off”. Nothing major by the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) standards… then again, who wants to use those standards as any semblance of ideal diet recommendations! I have been following a predominantly “Paleo” type diet for a few months now: strictly limiting any grain intake; no dairy; no legumes, etc.

I fell off that wagon with a resounding thump over the past few weeks… having a little bread here and there… a tiny bit of cheese in a meal… a few “adult” beverages. You get the picture. Nothing horrible, per say… just an insidious increase in the inflammatory foods I had been avoiding.

Well, actually, there was something “horrible” about the week preceding my immune response, come to think of it: cake. Not just once… three or four times, as I recall. Not huge amounts each time. In fact, very small pieces. It was even gluten-free and organic… but it was CAKE, nonetheless! Sugar, sugar, sugar.

Sugar blocks the ability of the immune system to do its job properly.

There’s my toxicity.

That, and the ongoing stress of being pulled in far too many directions for several months… and the resentment, guilt, worry and other toxic emotions that tend to accompany that. Lovely combination – it’s like a toxic soup.

What about deficiency, you ask?

One of the core requirements for healthy cell function is that the body gets sufficient rest and recovery. I had been involuntarily deficient in my body’s sleep requirements for a few weeks. Most likely related to the aforementioned stress! Whatever the cause (or, more accurately, combination of causes), I was only getting a miniscule amount of sleep each night for far too long.

That’s rough. I believe that chronic sleep deprivation is one of the most serious, and most overlooked, underlying triggers that increase our risk factors for all chronic illness. Everything is affected by chronic sleep deprivation: physiologically, mentally, and emotionally.

No, sleeping pills are clearly not the answer, wise guys. Have you read or listened to the side effects of those?! That’s pure craziness! I’d rather correct the cause than add more toxicity… especially that kind of frighteningly dangerous toxicity.

So what has been my cold “remedy”?

Reverse the toxicity and deficiency, of course!

I’ve been careful to restore purity and sufficiency… and to add a few things to help my body fight off this house guest.

My diet has been nice and clean and simple again. No dairy, no grains, no legumes, etc. I’m not perfect and never will be, but I feel better when I can stick to this plan for (relatively) longer periods of time.

I’m doing the best I can with balancing all that’s on my plate… and I’ve started to put my foot down with some of the scheduling issues that are causing the greatest imbalances. I continue to do very well with fully enjoying the down time that I do have – even if it’s just 15 minutes on the dock. I am good about being fully present and appreciating the little blessings throughout each day.

And, I’ve finally been able to manage to string together a few night’s of restful sleep. Amen!

I’ve continued with my standard foundational nutrition supplements/complements, like fish oil, full-spectrum probiotics, vitamin D3 (in large amounts), a greens/super foods powder I add to my smoothie, a cover-my-bases mineral/antioxidant product, and some other specialty products I’ve been taking for a few months.

To specifically aid my body in this particular cold scenario, I gargled with hydrogen peroxide a few times each day as well as used it as drops in my ears; I took a bath in magnesium bath salts; and I used raw, local honey before bed to soothe my throat.

That’s about it.

The result? One day of feeling really rotten, plus a day on either end where I just felt like I had an annoying cold. Done.

So, I earned this cold… I didn’t “catch it”. I believe that’s true even during the glorified “cold and flu season”. Even though we’re surrounded by more folks experiencing colds, we will not develop one ourselves if our cellular environment is functioning optimally. Our immune system will do its job and fight off the invading organism.

In the case of colds and flu, if we do “succumb” to a virus, I believe it’s far more important and more successful to consider how you can support optimal cell function as opposed to treating all the individual symptoms that accompany these expressions of health.

Give the body what it needs. Keep away from what it doesn’t need.

It’s the recipe for health, as well as the ‘treatment’ for sickness.

How simple is that?!